Images from my last (only) trip out west.  All images Copyright Jessica Fern Hunt Photography 



So, I obvs fail at this whole blogging thing because I've been M.I.A. for A MONTH! What have I been doing you may ask?  Well, I've been auditioning, laying around, etc. So I've not managed to procure a 'day job' yet.  Why? Um I've been kinda lazy? No that is only half true.  I have applied to a lot of theatres around town for admin jobs, but haven't heard anything back yet.  I've applied for a couple of tech jobs and have taken the next steps there, but now I just keep waiting and applying and auditioning.

Oh yea, and I need to take some pictures. I've been woefully lax in the whole photography thing.  I've made it my goal to go out at least once a day to shoot. Let's just see if I actually do that :) Today I went to Kerry Park to experience the sunset and to see if I forgot how to take pictures.

One thing I have been doing is getting to know my new adopted city.  Some things about Seattle:

1) You can take your dogs EVERYWHERE--grocery stores, restaurants, shops, you name it, your dog can go too.

2) No one tells you this, but Seattle summers are AHHHMAZING! We are in a heat wave and it is 87! No humidity, sunny almost every day, breezes off the sound.  I will happily take 6 months of drizzle gray for this perfection

3) I'm learning Seattlites are nice but not necessarily friendly. Because Doug has been binge watching Criminal Minds (and many of the show's cases take place in the Pacific Northwest), I now assume anyone who is actually friendly is going to murder me.  *This may be why Seattlites have become nice and not overly friendly--the serial killers; the PNW is home to some of the country's worst serial killers. Don't worry mom I'll be careful*

4) I live like 10 minutes from a beach!

5) I live like 2 hours from a really pretty but scary active Volcano

6) Ferries at 1am are really fun!

I'm sure I'm missing some key things, however that is all I can think of now.  I miss all my friends from Atlanta, some days so much I want to cry. But I wanted to go on this adventure, and I really do love it here!

Anyhoo, here are some things from my Instagram; in order left to right:

dogs being lazy, me in an Asian beauty mask, the Timbers section of the Sounders/Timbers game, Mt Ranier from my car (yes I was stopped), a view of my new haircolor, me getting my hair colored at Fredericks of Greenwood, Doug and I at a Mariners game, Outdoor Shakespeare at GreenStage Theatre Company, Outdoor Shakespeare at Seattle Shakes. 

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Ok It wont be so long until I post again, many promises!

Cheers, Jes

Well, Its not been a whole month this time....

Well, Its not been a whole month this time....

The Hunger Games: Seattle

The Hunger Games: Seattle