Images from my last (only) trip out west.  All images Copyright Jessica Fern Hunt Photography 

The Hunt For/In/To .5

The Hunt For/In/To .5

The Hunt.  This is the first post of a blog that *hopefully* continue to contribute to and not let waste away like I've done every other blog that I've started. 

Ok The Hunt.  First, my name is Jessica Fern Hunt and I'm about to move from Atlanta To Seattle.  My husband and I have thought about moving for awhile, but the time is right now so we are doing it; selling our house, quitting our jobs, and moving 2,634.9 miles across the country.  EEK.

Why?  Reasons--like for real lots of reasons, but mostly Atlanta has never felt like home.  I'm from North Carolina (don't judge me on the insanity of my state please), grew up 45 minutes from the ocean and went to school in the mountains.  I may be chubby and look indoorsy, but this Aquarius needs water and wind to survive.  I need to hug a tree every now and then and while our beautiful house in Atlanta has trees, it has never been 'home.'  I came here in 2002 thinking I would stay only 2-3 years and have been here for 14.  It's time.

My great friend Alison blogs about everything (and she is amaz you totally should subscribe to her blog), and my great friend James who is as Zen as you can get has blogged his way across the country from Atlanta to California. So I'm inspired to write about my experience, life, etc.

The name? Well my amazing friend Alison (see above) totes gave me the name for this blog because she is the most creative person I know.  Thanks boo.  So what is this going to be about?  Who knows!  Moving, what I see, culture shock (this southern gal has never lived anywhere but the south), food? I guess whatever I want.  

Today I realized something interesting, something that had been bothering me for 7 years--Here people rarely make eye contact or acknowledge my presence.  Like, I'll say 'hi' and they look through me.  What is with that? Oh well, only a few more days.

Today for lunch I ate at LaFonda, a local chain here and I ate all the things.  Well some of the things.  Basically, I'm trying to shove as much Mexican food in my mouth before I leave--do they have good Mexican food in Seattle? 

La Fonda  Salmon Enchiladas (only rice), queso, chips, & Salsa 

La Fonda Salmon Enchiladas (only rice), queso, chips, & Salsa 

Today, I'm also sporting my Pugalicious t-shirt that I purchased from Modcloth.  Pug shirts also brighten my day--i'm that person.  Pay no attention to my hair--I have an appointment with Jenn to get it did tomorrow--I've been pink for awhile and I'm getting new headshots on Tuesday.  I wonder if I can finally pull off blue.

Now to make the call to get the containers to ship all my stuffs to Washington--maybe I'll actually start packing or updating my resume.  Probably not though--I'll most likely lay around watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix pretending that I don't have a million and five things to actually do. 


Saturday or The day in which I saved my head....

Saturday or The day in which I saved my head....