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I know I know, It's been days.....So here is like a week of posts....

I know I know, It's been days.....So here is like a week of posts....

Going Backward (Settle in this may be a long one)


So today was a day of many/all the feels.  Today was my last day at the day job I've been at for almost 7  years (like 6 years, 11 months and 2 weeks).  While I'm super sad that I won't see some of my besties on the daily, I'm excited to move on.  Not that I'm all like, 'IMA QUIT MY JOB' but more in the sense that I've closed a very good chapter in the book of life.  To explain how little theatre me ended up in big tech I need to digress a minute.

I was a bartender when there was a robbery at my store on a night that I was scheduled; I gave up my shift that night. The robber got away but was shot in action--to this date I don't know if they caught the guy.  Anyhoo, we begged the company to get us a security guard, but the owners didn't. I felt like the company didn't care if it's employees lived or died.  Like literally didnt care.  My theatre bud Redd was working at a Tech Startup and mentioned they were hiring and had insurance and of course I was like 'INSURANCE?!' 'NO ROBBERS!?' so I applied.  

I got called in for an interview and while the COO (we were small enough back then to be interviewed by the COO) didn't think that I was a fit for the job I applied for, he felt I was a good fit for a separate department.  I had a great interview with Juliana and 2 weeks later was offered a job.  I started and while I knew almost nothing about Tech or Startups, I proceeded to spend the next 6 years, 11 months and 2 weeks there.  I learned so much at this job that has helped me in theatre, and honestly I wouldn't even HAVE a company without the stability of this day job.  Or a house. Or a house to sell and move to Seattle with. The Founders are incredibly generous, I worked with some super smart people, and all in all it was a great job.  Sadly there wasn't an option for me to work remotely, and while that saddens me, it excites me that it is time for a new adventure.

Today my team threw me a party, with my fave Chantilly Cake from Publix, gave me a gift, made a pug banner (worn here by Paul), and played music from Hamilton, and made this gal feel real special.  My boo Alison took me to Lafonda. the first restaurant I was taken to eat lunch when I started the day job was Lafonda on Howell Mill so it only makes sense the last meal at MC was at Lafonda.  When it was time to leave we cried a lot and laughed a little.  Alison is probably the most creative person I know.  When she joined my team I was like, 'OMG I want to be her!' and instantly adored her. Alison can make me laugh, cry, will feed me milkshakes and always listen.  For reals, she is one of the best people out there--if you don't know her, you really should.  I turned in my stuffs, gave lots of hugs and started a new chapter. MC C Team, I'm going to miss you guys so much!!! #RedPandaLove


Thursday was cray as we had to have everything we own out of our house by noon for the buyer's final walkthrough. Long story short, we somehow missed on our contract that on our walkthrough, Thursday at 12, all possessions have to be out of the house. Needless to say this has been quite the stressful!  Doug is amazing and so good at moving and packing--I was a wreck as indicated  in the picture to the right >>>>>>

I  am regularly going between the, "OMG I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED" mindset to, "OMG WTF WAS I THINKING" mindset.  I guess I never thought I would never live in the South.  When I graduated college I thought I was going to be nomad but somehow along the way, after having a day job, buying a house, starting a company that idea just vanished, however I knew in my heart that I would never leave the South. Both sides of my family have been in North Carolina hundreds of years (I've traced my both my Mom & Dad's family to coming to NC in the early 1600's)--We stepped foot on that soil and never left.  Part of me weirdly feels like I'm betraying my ancestors.  I'm a DAR (crazy right?) and had at least 6 (that I can find) ancestors who fought against the British in the Revolution. As much as my state sucks politically lately (hey NC stop being stupid), I'm a proud North Carolinian. Also, I'll never be able to watch anything live on the West Coast--all broadcasts will be delayed--that means internet spoilers. #firstworldproblems

Thursday night I went to see my hubby Doug, the great Matt, Amee the Amazing, and lots of other folks in The Shakespeare Tavern's The Merchant of Venice--I had an awesome time and got to hang out with some awesome Tavern peeps after!




I can't put into words my feelings about the murder of 49 innocent human beings and many more wounded.  I am referring to Orlando.  I'm not going to write much on this topic as so much has been said already. There have already been 141 mass shootings in the US (as of right now) and I just don't understand how we as a nation has gotten here. I've cried, I've railed, and I have no words. 

Thanks for hanging in there this long YAY you really like me!  I'm off to NC to see my mom, dad, and granny we close on Monday and we leave Monday afternoon.  My Atlanta story is ending and I'm getting ready to write my Seattle Story.  Crazy.

Until tomorrow...

Atlanta-NC-Atlanta-Nasheville-Kentucky-Illinois-St. Louis-Pacific,MO

Atlanta-NC-Atlanta-Nasheville-Kentucky-Illinois-St. Louis-Pacific,MO

What day IS it? Like really, I don't know anymore! Also Stacey took a really pretty pic of me!

What day IS it? Like really, I don't know anymore! Also Stacey took a really pretty pic of me!